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We All Wonder what is the actual Difference Between WordPress and Blogger, Both Offer us a website where we can create our blog, but to be honest with you their is a huge difference between them, it like asking you want and Android Phone or a IOS Device… Obviously their are other hosting devices but WordPress and Blogger are the most Hot Topic to talk about.

Firstly Let me explain you, What these sites are for. In order to launch a website or make your own Blog, we need either WordPress or Blogger, Some people also Like to choose Wix or Tumblr. But 80% of the world like WordPress and Blogger.

Its not like you have to choose WordPress or Blogger, you can can also make your own website, but doing CODES and Programming, but this takes ages, if you are new to this. So you need ready made materials to start it quick. So people choose these Sites

Why People Choose Blogger? What I Like Personally?

Blogger is Actually Own By Google, in the Beginning you can launch your Blog for free, but to be honest with you on Blogger everything is for Free, except the Domain.
You Get Free
Content Writing Platform
Special Features
and many More

But according to me, What most people don’t realize this is that on Hosting a Site on Blogger, you do not get Full ownership. Which mean is that your site can be taken down anytime by Google
Not only that on Blogger, You don’t get many Feature, Firstly you don’t get your Ownership, Secondly If you want to Design or make something it is very Difficult. You need to use all ready made Resources made by Other Programmers. But the end all the 70% of all the Professional Users and Authors of Website, may have used Blogger in their Life. Its also a best way to get your HTML, JavaScript and CSS Basic Learning and understand.

THIS IS WHAT MANY WEBSITES DON’T TALK ABOUT BLOGGER, My Best Part with Blogger.com was I made soo many websites along with it I also learned many thing like what is DMCA complaint, What is feels to get Suspended, What is feels to get a Copyright Strike, What is Feels to learn Basic Understand of Coding, And also the Feeling of every Programmer when he see’s those error in Edit HTML of Whole site!

So If you are a Beginner, I would recommend you to start with Blogger

Why People Choose WordPress? What I Like Personally?

People often get confused with WordPress.org and WordPress.com, both of them are completely different! on WordPress.ORG you can do whatever you want, Host your own Website. You have all the rights to it. But on WordPress.com you are bounded with some restrictions and rules.

I would recommend you to choose WordPress.Org, on it you will not only have access to many themes but also Plugins, the community on WordPress is very Active. With many companies offering Premium Themes, Builder, Plugins and Many more!
I got no words for WordPress.Org as it is the Best for any Blogger or Website Builder


Pros of Blogger – You get a website Hosting for Free, it is very simple to use and understand and everything is straight forward
Con of Blogger – You site is hosted on Google, You dont have the rights or Ownership.

Pros of WordPress- It has everything
Con of WordPress – It is costly to get started, Either hosting on your Computer or Online

What I think between WordPress and Blogger?

To be honest with you both the Platform are the best for Making a website, it all depends on what type of website are you planning to make. On Blogger as I said, their are some Rules, But those Rules are for some People not for All. To me, If I was thinking to start a Blog, I would go for Blogger, If I have more money and I want to upgrade I will go for WordPress. WordPress is for someone who wants to take it to next Level, as it cost’s to get started!

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