Social Engineering – See deep inside fraud


Social engineering, what is it?

The formal definition of social engineering is; the use of centralized planning in an attempt to manage social change and regulate the future development and behavior of a society.

Yet in the hacking world social engineering is a manipulative technique used for a persons own benefit. There are many different types of social engineering but the most popular technique is an exploit, usually against warranty claims from large companies. To social engineer with the technique the social engineer would “manipulate” the companies support team to make them think that they have a product and it is dis functional or not working when they don’t even own the product.

Yet most companies have security and you would need proof like a serial number, how do these social engineers get the serial numbers? There are many ways one can get a serial number, one way is to  crack them. Experienced social engineers who don’t have time to browse the internet for photos of serials would just crack them using a specific program with a specific, usually custom config. Over time the social engineers would have manipulated the support team to give them warranty on a product they don’t even own and can make thousands of dollars on a daily from reselling these stolen goods! Crazy right? When social engineering there are also many risks this can include; a bill (receiving a notice that you must pay a certain amount to the company),  a threat (this is when the company knows what you have done and they would email you saying that they will be reporting you to law enforcement’s unless you pay, this usually would result in nothing but a warning) and the last and absolute worst thing that could happen is the FBI. Yes the FBI. This seems to many people like an extreme take on  small thing but social engineering is fraud, a prison sentence that can last from less than a year to 10 years. Social Engineering, though it may seem profitable is highly illegal and is something that I personally suggest no one should do as you are never invisible on the internet.

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