Million Dollar Scam By PayPal Money Holding


Many people won’t understand this, cause they have not yet experienced it, but one day for sure everyone will get the same problem like what I face, and million’s understand too! By creating this post this won’t help me, cause once you are scammed their nothing you can do about it!
I just want to inform those who still have PayPal account and if they are an active PayPal user!

I know I am not the first person to speak about this online, If you Google something like ” PayPal Holding Scam” “PayPal Limited” you all will end up to the same problem what I am facing right now

What Actually happened?

This is what happened to me, Last three Month of 2018 was the best month because I made over $1000 wherein each user Paid me $50+ Avg (I had like 30 Customers Only) But at the Beginning of 2019 I have 150+ Customer, I also was making more, but then I had a scam user who was trying to scam me, I paid him $20 and then I asked for refund he did not give me. So I had no choice but to chargeback him and he talked so I closed the case, but he was still was not responding, I tried to put chargeback again But it would not let me put the chargeback. I thought keeping Unauthorized Access is also a way to put chargeback but it ended up creating Account limitation to my PayPal.
Anyways, here I was not worried about my $20, the thing which frustrating was my PayPal account was Limited, the Worst part is the Call conversation I Made.

No matter what you do or try via those calls, you will end up with your account limitation for LIFETIME

On Call they said they will release my payment after 180 days ( 6 months ) SERIOUSLY!! are you kidding me!

Trust me I sent all the documents, Details and also called them soo many times, they said the same thing it was like they are reading a book in front of me and also I dont know why but I felt like whenever I call them they are ready like a guy know what I am going to say and all like they are reading a book of Account Limitation


Why is it a scam?

Many people who are professional, who knows what they are doing and have friends with Court are making real court cases against PayPal and these are solved for them. But not all will go for this option so they are over millions of users who have their PayPal accounts limited which to this day say the account is limited.
They won’t even give you a second chance because your Debit, documents, Bank Accounts Submitted are all frozen by them and also your IP address is also Black Listed by them!

Who are faced by this?

Mainly small users or business dealers like Shopify, Ebay, F&F payments
I still wonder how YouTubers and Bloggers handle this!

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