How To Earn as a Twitch Streamer/ YouTube Gamer? Best Trick 2018 (All Tools and Sites)


In Todays Generation Every Body wants to become a YouTuber or A Twitch Streamer Because it is an easy way to earn money, but let me tell you it is not that easy as it looks, on YouTube or on Twitch you need to be good and Entertaining in order to get the popularity which you are looking for.

I have been doing research on many YouTube Channel with over 5 Million Subscriber+ I have done my research and found that they have these account on these sites which is mentioned below… If you have a Successful YouTube Channel or Twitch stream Now or Still in the Process. Make Sure you have Accounts and Tools of Below

All Tools And Sites Which Every YouTuber and Twitch Streamer

YouTube and Twitch both are the same, but some minor difference like Live streaming ( Main Difference). Let me Talk about it separately with all the things to get started.

Let me Tell you if you are looking for Donation via Live Stream or Monthly User Subscription, Twitch is the Best.


YouTube a platform where you can earn by making vidoes or via Live Streaming. If you think that you are Entertaining then you can get easily get the Fame and Popularity on YouTube. The Best way to get a Subscriber on YouTube is to be Entertaining or Comedy.
I am Not a YouTuber But I have been on YouTube for like 10 Years and have seen all those YouTuber who has over 8 Million Subscriber Right now, And the Deserve it coz I knew they were entertaining. But hard work and Fun Also Pays off!

So Now you know some trick to get do on YouTube, Here are the Links to all the Sites which you should know after getting the Required Subscriber!


1000 Subscribers
8,000 minutes Watch Time on your YouTube Channel

Please remember that you have to upload videos on YouTube Consistently to get subscribers ( Diff with different YouTuber and Topic). With my Experience and Algorithm of YouTube, if you upload Videos every day or once every week or a particular day which was set by you. Then your chances to get subscribers will increase. As you have to get recognize by the YouTube Bot/Robot also

AdSense Alternative

Okay Now You are making money on YouTube, But are you feeling that you are getting paid very late via that Adsense. To be honest with you, all YouTuber link their YouTube Channel with Other MCN. No YouTuber with 1 Million+ Subscriber use Adsense in order to get paid. Remember that you need to have AdSense Account in order to get paid. But your payment will come through an MCN.
When you are Partnered with YouTube then You will get like 65 % only and the rest YouTube Takes. In the Beginning, You Need Adsense Account Linked with you and later you have to join and MCN, Links to those Will be Provided Below!

The only reason why people join and MCN is Because for extra perks, Sponsorships, Payment Via Payoneer, PayPal some even offer Crypto. If you want Payment Via Check- Be Partnered with AdSense (DONT JOIN ANY MCN IF YOU WANT PAYMENT VIA CHECK)


Will MCN Help me Channel Anyway, NO! – To be honest with you many people have these thinking and Feeling that Join a Good MCN will grow my channel, NO. By joining and MCN you will get Good Support and payment Via the Service you desire that’s it!


  1. ScaleLab, LLC
  2. Freedom MCN


Scale Lab is one of the best Network, Because they will accept your YouTube Channel and the Network Rev Share is 70%-30%. They also pay via PayPal Every 2nd of the Month. I have also seen many Popular YouTubers Joining ScaleLab. So I Recommend You To join Scale Lab first!

Freedom MCN


To be honest I joined at first, because every YouTube MCN had a restriction, Like 100K only Subscribers or 1 Billion Views Only. To be honest with you these MCN dont help you except the Payment Method. Freedom is one of the Best and the First Priority Because
60%-90& Rev Share

Freedom Should Choose Freedom if they don’t understand what MCN or Networks is, And just want to get paid via PayPal + Amazin Support System


Like on YouTube Thins are a Bit Complicated, But on Twitch their is nothing that Complicated, All You Need to have a

  1. Good Twitch Channel with over 80 Hours Streamed
  2. 100+ Followers
  3. StreamLab Account

Thats it…

You need need to stress alot on Twitch than like on YouTube!

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