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Before Joining Fast Comet I had soo many Website’s set up for me as well as my Customers on Hosting sites like BlueHost Or Godaddy Or SiteGround.
I am Not saying that these Hosting Site are not good, But when I came to know about Fast Comet I felt like I Found a Secret Recipe to increase Website SEO and Speed.

Firstly, Why I Chose Fast Comet?

Some of you guys may not have understood by the above lines, well, I am that type of Guys who always shifts his mind. Before choosing Fastcomet I was on Bluehost and for my Customers ( from whom I charge to make a Website) I choose Bluehost.
But the Only problem which I had was MONEY.
Bluehost and all the other Hosting Providers were very Expensive for me.

On Bluehost you would have to pay like  $2.75 per month for a basic PACK which means you would have to pay like $215 for 3 Year.

Yeah, that’s right! What Kind of Transparency is this..!
and also trust me they charge more than what they ask you!
to be honest with you, they also provide a good service.



    • Features Fast Comet Bluehost
      Price $2.95 $2.75
      Free Domain For LIFE YES NO
      Website Space 15 GB SSD 50 GB HDD
      Free SSL Yes Only one Year
      Free CDN Yes No
      Spam Expert Yes No, But for Plus
      Daily Backup Yes No, Extra Charges
      Instant Chat Yes Yes
      Transparency Yes No, So many Hidden
      Server Locations 9 3
      Cancellation Fees No Don’t Know
      Money Back Guarantee 45 Days 30 Days
      Price for 36 Months $110 $100 ( chances after)
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  • To be Honest in the Above list, I Liked the SSD and SSL Encryption Services. You can yourself Check How fast Our site Launches With All those Ads Playing

Who is Fast Comet?

FastComet is A Webhosting Company, Whose Headquart is in San Francisco, but they have Worldwide Customers over 50,000 in 83 countries.
They are also one of the few Companies who is Beginning to competitive against Godaddy and Bluehost with all those Fe

atures at Cheap Price.


Pros Of FastComet

1. Strong Uptime

When you are Fastcomet, One of the first thing which you will see is UPTIME and Downtime.
They give their priority to Uptime more. To ensure that they’re best overall

2018 avg. uptime:

  • January uptime: 99.94%
  • February uptime: 100%
  • March uptime: 99.99%
  • April uptime: 99.99%
  • May uptime: 99.96%
  • June uptime: 99.98%
  • July uptime: 99.96%
  • August uptime: 100%

2. Support System

To be honest with you I also make a stupid decision when I am in Cpanel, and I mess things up, and the problems sometimes are harder to find on YouTube or Google. My Best Choice is to Contact Support on Live chat or Directly Call them.
They are always ready to help you within like 15 minutes, Which I absolutely Love it.

3. Money Back

We all want to give something a try like a trial. So the thing which I like is that even if I invested my money in it, within 45 days. If I think to change my I could technically get my money back.
Steps to get your Money back.
1. Get into a Live Chat
2. Say them You wanna refund… have your own chat
3. Then they will give you the money by the method which you paid with.
4. If paid via Paypal ( I think Instant)
5. If Paid via Debit Card or Credit Card ( It takes 7 days to Pop in your Bank)

I really Like this feature and you should too… As you can give Fast Comet a try to use their Service.
But remember if you get a domain from their site… you are indirectly paying for the domain, So yeah charges for that (TRANSPARENCY)


4. Free CDN, SSL, Migration, DOMAIN, Backup

They have soo many Free services which everybody loves. Not every hosting company will offer you these many Free services at $110 for 3 years!

CDN- Cloudflare content Delivery Network, yeah this is free for you, makes your website as Fast as possible

SSL- HTTPS (GREEN COLOR) If you don’t know what this basically provides security to your website, and makes your audience feel your website is legit and also increases your website ranking

Migration- Wait there is More! Fast Comet has their own team of experts which will help you to migrate the entire site for you. You dont need to even do anything. All the work will be done by them. You dont have to pay them anything, cause you already did.

Domain- Yeah, You dont need to buy a website from third party. They also provide a service to give you a free website for LIFE until you pay for the hosting service. You can only get one Free Website. But you can buy Website from them


If you go to their website Now, they have three Plans like

  1. StartSmart = $2.95 per month
  2. Scale Right = $5.95 per month
  3. Speed up = $9.95 per month

and the price is the same even after 5 years later or more… They do not charge more nor do they increase the price! I really love that feature!
The Price on Renewal Will is same.


    1. Having your Website on SSD, actually makes it fast
    2. Payment Method – Debit card/Credit card or Paypal
    3. Easy Upgrades Service
    4. Fast Account services
    5. Easy Signup.
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After what I said Above, I really Recommend you Guys to JOIN FAST COMET

I myself Use FastComet, I really Like Their Services, and their honest/transparency/support makes feel happy all the time!

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