Difference Between Hacking vs Cracking? Different Types ?


We are always confused between Hacking and Cracking, 80% of the world think that hacking and cracking both are same. But to be honest both are completely different. Once you read the entire data about hacking vs cracking you may feel that all these types you were a completely a basic person.

What is Hacking?

Hacking is a method by which user can find a weakness in the computers or any devices to exploit its weakness to gain access to a system, this method is done by a user who we call a Hacker!
A hacker finds his way to get into a system or site, by doing anything, until he finds exploits of the other side! A Hacker has More Knowledge about a Computer Security and Operating system, Try’s to gain access to a Computer security

We call these users as Hacker but these doesn’t mean that every user a Hacker, they themselves are divided into different types

Black HatHis is An Actually Dangerous Hacker, Who gain access or atleast try's his best to do and get in to any system by performing any task, penetration, testing, refreshing.. ETC
White HatHe is also a ethical hacker, by whatever he does is because he is in contract with a companies like the government themself or banks, so what ever he does is to protect his company
Grey hatA hacker who does not know what he is doing and lingers between Black hat and White hat.
BeginnerThis person is a Non-Skilled Person, who thinks he is smart by using tools which are provided from the internet and feel like he is a hacker.

So According to me, by making this simple Hacker is someone who gains access by exploiting the system and tries 100’s of times to break into a security for his benefit.


What is Cracking?

A Cracker is someone who is kind of like a Hacker, but this user try to bypass Website Password, Cracks Software License, who tries to crack this software for his own benefits or try’s this for money,  crackers destroy data, legitimate users service, or cause problems for their targets.

About Hacker

  • They are always l
  • per hand when it comes to the knowledge of various computer languages like C C++ HTML JAVA, etc.
  • A professional hacker breaks into the secure networks to look out for any discrepancies



ooking for flaws in a computer and internet security and their aim is to rectify these flaws and improve the security or use it to they own advantage. While some hackers may only be interested in learning the things, while some do this to turn in to their passion and then into their profession, thus they then become a professional hacker after some training

  • Hacker has an advanced knowledge of the computer-related security
  • Hackers potentially restore the security setups across the corrupted networks and they help in catching the specific crackers.
  • Hacker has an up
  • The purpose of a Cracker is to break the security of a Computers and networks, crackers are also hackers, but their way of working is different, they make use of their mind to gain personal info or breach into security across networks.
    Crackers are also known as Black hats. They gain access like accounts of people or steal credit card or something which are more valuable for their benefit, which are illegal.
    • These crackers are believed to break the things.
    • Crackers usually are nota skillful as a hacker. Very few of them are skilled enough to create their new software and tools
    • Cracker is always known that their activities are illegal and they are breaking the law so they tend to cover up their tracks
    • Crackers, on the other hand, are incompetent when it comes to computer programs
    • These crackers break into secure networks for malicious Purposes

  • Hackers are always better than a cracker if you encounter a person saying he is a cracker. Most probably he may be a Hacker or a just a Grey Hat Hacker. The Person who shows off too much is a liability to become a hacker.
  • Hackers are always protective and try their best to keep their identity Hidden, in order to get in touch with a hacker you need a third person to meet himsome companies often hire hacker’s or train them so that they can protect their website.
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